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Working Forward: Introducing Traction on Demand’s ‘shops’ concept

Traction on Demand is challenging the conventional work model by partnering with local businesses. Come join us for a new future of work! 

The pandemic brought on wide-spread change, not only within the corporate world, but for small businesses as well. Our innovative working forward concept aims to partner with local businesses, like yourself, to support you during slower periods, while providing our employees with a place to work that’s closer to home. A win-win!

Traction on Demand is in search of local businesses across Canada who are looking to maximize their underutilized space during the typical Monday to Friday work week. 

Interested in hearing how your business can benefit from this exciting partnership opportunity? We thought you might be!

We'll outline four key areas of technology investment:

  • Get paid for your underutilized space: Traction on Demand will pay you for letting Tractionites (our employees) use your space for collaboration on a regular basis, ultimately helping you to offset your business costs. 
  • Collaborate within your community: This initiative is aiming to bring back community connection that was lost during the pandemic, no more empty spaces.    
  • Be part of the change: The past year redefined the traditional working model, but now organizations are looking to pivot into hybrid working options so that employees can feel happier, healthier, productive and inspired.
  • Actively contribute to net zero emissions: As one of Canada’s first top 100 B-Corporations, we want you to help us reach our carbon-neutral objectives for 2022, and use your small business to make a positive environmental difference. 

We’re excited to reshape the future of work with our third office, or shops, and we’ve even made the headlines. To learn how we turned the shops concept into a reality, visit our latest blog. Read all about our Working Forward initiatives in the news, as our Founder & CEO, Greg Malpass and Chief of Staff, Megumi Mizuno share their insights in these featured pieces:

“When companies demonstrate their willingness to be a positive contributor—not only to their employees but also to local businesses, the environment, and the entire community—everyone wins.”

Greg Malpass

Founder & CEO,

Traction on Demand

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