Join us — June 15, 22 & 29, 2021

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A free Nonprofit Digital Event

Three-Part Webinar Series

15 June

22 June

29 June


9:00AM - 12:00PM PST

(12:00PM - 3:00PM EST)

(4:00AM - 7:00AM AEDT)

Traction on Demand and Socialsuite have joined forces to bring you a three-part series on impact measurement. This series will help you bring to life an impact culture within your organization. 

Over the course of the series, you’ll have the opportunity to:

  • Dive deeper into the value that impact measurement provides to society and in particular how a focus on impact can drive value to both the operations and mission of your organization.
  • Learn four key steps to measuring social impact and demystify the approach to outcomes measurement.
  • Explore the experiences of two national nonprofit organizations as they’ve navigated the journey to managing and measuring their social impact and ultimately delivering on their mission.

This series will spark conversations around the value of impact measurement. It will explore how technology can drive measurement, and how it can impact programs and services themselves. Ultimately, you’ll be empowered to deliver the greatest impact possible.

Can’t make all the sessions? Don’t worry - they will be recorded and shared! Join one session, join all sessions - it’s a choose your own adventure series! 


Through real world use cases and insightful content, our nonprofit experts will help you gain a fresh perspective on the challenges your organization is facing.

Pieta Blakely

Blakely Consulting, LLC

Brian Komar

VP Impact Innovation,

Christian Mosley

Head of Business Development,

Rebecca Porzig

Project Analyst,
Big Brothers Big Sisters of America

Shona Ballinger

Development Impact Ltd.

Julian Lattimore

Senior Associate, Programs,
Smile Train

/ Traction on Demand Experts

Laura Bibbo

Nonprofit Principal Strategist, Traction on Demand

Karisa Booth

Marketing Automation Architect, Traction on Demand

Adam Coppin

Nonprofit Solution Architect, Traction on Demand

Emily Eakin

Nonprofit Principal Strategist, Traction on Demand


09:00AM - 10:00AM PSTJune 15

What is Impact Measurement?

In the first session of the series, you’ll learn the core fundamentals of impact measurement. Hear from Brian Komar from on the role of impact measurement in the funding feedback loop, return on generosity, and the macro trends he is seeing in impact measurement. You’ll also have the opportunity to hear from evaluation specialists at Blakely Consulting who’ll provide an overview of how to use program evaluation to measure impact, including what vocabulary to use, how to get stakeholder buy-in, and the difference between measuring outputs and outcomes. 

Key Learnings:

  • Introduction to the concept of Impact Measurement
  • The principles of evaluation to measure impact
  • How to embed an impact culture in your organization


  • Christian Mosley, Head of Business Development at Socialsuite
  • Pieta Blakely, Principal at Blakely Consulting, LLC
  • Brian Komar, VP Impact Innovation at

01:00PM - 02:30PM PSTJune 21

Getting Started with Impact Measurement

Do you struggle to evaluate social impact and outcomes measurement for your organization? Most organizations, at one point or another, need to demonstrate their impact and return on investment on a project or strategy. For nonprofits dependent on external funding to do their work, this is particularly crucial. Often the process of gathering data to measure impact can be daunting and difficult. However, it doesn’t have to be. 
In this live workshop, you’ll learn why outcomes measurement is important and how you can get started with four simple steps. Shona Ballinger, founder of Development Impact Ltd., will walkthrough a live demo, giving you an overview of each step in the outcomes measurement process. You’ll also receive some simple strategies you can implement into your own programs. 

The four steps we will cover are:

  1. What outcomes will you measure?
  2. How, when, and who to collect data from
  3. Common data collection pitfalls and how to overcome them
  4. How to get the most out of your outcome reports


  • Shona Ballinger, Founder at Development Impact Ltd.
  • Nick Strutt, Nonprofit Solution Architect at Traction on Demand

09:00AM - 10:00AM PSTJune 29

Impact Measurement in Action

In the final session of this series, we’ll be joined by experts from Big Brothers Big Sisters of America and Smile Train to learn about their approach to measurement and evaluation for their programs. We’ll dive into how their approaches have evolved and look at the role of technology in improving program outcomes. 

Key Learnings:

  • Explore new tools and approaches for impact management to your organization 
  • Learn from the experiences of your peers to bring impact management to life!


  • Julian Lattimore, Senior Associate, Programs at Smile Train
  • Rebecca Porzig, Project Analyst at Big Brothers Big Sisters of America

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Socialsuite produces technology that helps a diverse range of organizations monitor their impact on people. It is a global leader in impact-management software. Socialsuite’s simple, easy to use technology rigorously measures the potency of social investment programs to greatly enhance accountability reporting.

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