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Your Salesforce and Slack experts.

Together, we’ll build your new digital HQ for success from anywhere with Salesforce and Slack.

Combine the world’s #1 CRM platform with the most innovative enterprise communications solution in the market.

Now, with Salesforce and Slack, it’s easier than ever to connect internal teams, customers, and partners—both with each other and their everyday apps—all within existing workflows. 

  • Sales: Slack and Salesforce will allow you to bring your people, data, process, and customer together on a single platform, to communicate, collaborate, and close deals faster.
  • Service: Put the right tools into the right hands, to break down silos, resolve issues faster, and build better relationships with your customers.
  • IT/Development: Make it easier than ever for your teams to build their own workflows, automations, and Slack apps for Salesforce.
  • Workplaces: From project collaboration, to employee onboarding, social groups, and everything in between, Slack and Salesforce give your people a more intuitive, engaging, and productive way to work. 

Looking for Slack expertise? Borrow some of ours.

As an official Slack Services Partner, Traction on Demand has Certified Slack experts across our Business Strategy, Change Management, Integrations, and Implementation teams, and is developing Salesforce Cloud-specific Slack accelerators designed to increase time-to-value across each industry. 

Connect with an expert today to learn more about how Salesforce and Slack can help shape your new digital HQ.

“The coming together of these two world-leading technologies will completely transform the future of work and the ways in which we connect. We’re humbled and excited to be selected as a Slack Launch Partner, and are looking forward to empowering our customers with two of the best cloud-based software solutions on the market.”

Chris Bruzzi

EVP of Product Development,

Traction on Demand

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Traction on Demand is North America's largest dedicated Salesforce consulting firm delivering cross-platform solutions and standalone SaaS products. Our mission is to grow the Salesforce ecosystem by empowering people and enabling organizations.



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