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Utilizing design thinking with Salesforce.

Download our guide to learn how to build personalized, scalable, and fully aligned digital experiences that exceed
your end-user expectations.

Salesforce Experience Cloud enables you to rapidly connect with customers across a range of channels through interactive sites, apps, and portals. These experiences are typically guided by key sets of templates, themes, and common libraries. Utilizing these standard features accelerates development and reduces maintenance, but oftentimes experiences must be developed to simplify highly complex processes, align to specific business objectives as well as embody an organization’s brand. 

So how do you take the foundation of the platform and build on it to make your digital experience personalized, scalable, and fully aligned to end-user expectations? The answer, design thinking.

In our guide we cover:

  • Design thinking basics—what is design think and how can you easily incorporate it into your business operations
  • The process of design thinking and how an iterative and cyclical process enables you to optimize your out-of-the-box Salesforce solutions
  • How to integrate design thinking principles into your innovation toolkit 

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