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Attend Ready, Set, Grow: Salesforce Revenue Cloud on April 7, 2021.

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A free digital event for high growth companies

hosted online

7 Apr


9:00AM - 12:00PM PST

(12:00PM - 3:00PM EST)

(4:00AM - 7:00AM AEDT)

Leveraging Salesforce Revenue Cloud as an end-to-end solution to accelerate growth and unlock scalability.

During these times of change, where speed and innovation are imperative for future growth and success, customers are in need of solutions that allow them to profit and scale accordingly. Join us on April 7 to learn how Revenue Cloud can be leveraged to simplify processes and solidify your roadmap for the customer journey ahead. 

During this virtual event, you’ll learn how to maximize platform efficiencies, implement growth strategies and leverage customer relationships with Salesforce Revenue Cloud in 2021.

Key takeaways:

  • Explore how Salesforce Revenue Cloud connects sales, partner, operations and finance teams to create a complete view of both the customer and revenue
  • Learn how to create platform efficiencies through firsthand insights from Traction on Demand’s customers and their own Revenue Cloud journeys
  • Define the ways in which Revenue Cloud can accelerate go-to-market activities and ease the buying process for customers
  • Learn how to take control of your revenue growth by building a platform optimization roadmap
  • Create steps to simplify your processes and close the loop with Salesforce Billing and CPQ
  • Develop key strategies to strengthen your partner relationships and engagement through Revenue Cloud optimization


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9:00AM - 12:00PM PST (12:00PM - 3:00PM EST) (4:00AM - 7:00PM AEDT)

09:00AM - 09:35AM PSTOpening Keynote

Connecting Customer and Currency: How High Growth and High Performance Organizations Can Maximize Salesforce Revenue Cloud 

Our opening keynote will introduce Revenue Cloud and discuss how high growth, tech enabled organizations use this end-to-end solution to take control of their revenue growth across every channel. We’ll explore how Revenue Cloud’s scalability can help set your organization up for success and examine the ways in which you can leverage your customer relationships on the platform.

  • Brion Schweer, Vice President, Revenue Cloud Solutions, Salesforce

09:35AM - 10:05AM PSTIndustry Leaders Panel

Exploring Salesforce Revenue Cloud Journeys Firsthand

Curious to learn about key learning outcomes with Revenue Cloud directly from the customer? Join us as they discuss their challenges that led them to embracing Salesforce CPQ. Industry experts will weigh in on the benefits of undertaking platform optimization, share their learnings and efficiencies and provide insight into what’s next in their Revenue Cloud journey. 

10:05AM - 10:15AM PSTBREAK

10:15AM - 10:45AM PSTBreakout sessions

Choose Between

Preparing Your Platform For Salesforce Revenue Cloud

Looking to build an optimization roadmap that enables future growth for your company? Join industry experts as they identify areas of your current Salesforce org that may be hindering growth. They’ll help you to realign the implementation strategy to reach your business goals and provide insight around building an optimization roadmap that allows future growth.  


Simplifying Your Processes With CPQ

Are you looking to improve your workflow efficiency with CPQ solutions? Join us to learn how high growth and high performing organizations are leveraging Salesforce CPQ to streamline quoting processes, automate billing and reduce time-to-market for new offerings. 


Closing The Loop With Salesforce Billing and CPQ

Searching for ways to ease invoicing, process payments and streamline billing? Join us to learn about the key features of Salesforce Billing as the perfect extension of CPQ. Our experts will demonstrate how this feature can help you close the loop on invoicing, payment, and revenue recognition so that you can focus on building recurring customer relationships and making smarter business decisions.

10:45AM - 10:55AM PSTBREAK

10:55AM - 11:25AM PSTBreakout sessions

Choose Between

Embracing A Subscription Model

Wondering how you can build resilience in your revenue stream? Join our experts as they share their insights around the benefits of incorporating a subscription model. Learn about best practices for preparing or enhancing a subscription strategy, and how Revenue Cloud enables you to deploy your new strategy.


Perfecting Partner Relationship Management

How strong are the partner/vendor relationships within your business? Successful organizations recognize the critical role that partners play in their success and take the time to ensure they are a vendor that is easy to work and communicate with. Join us as we explore common challenges around partner channel management, lead ownership, and partner engagement, and discuss best practice approaches to overcome each.


Creating An Engaging User Experience For Your Organization 

Does your organization currently provide an engaging and intuitive user experience for customers, partners and employees? Learn how Traction on Demand’s Experience Design team approaches UI/UX and why it’s a vital component of an organization’s success. Industry experts will discuss how that approach is integrated throughout the project lifecycle, and how the output can shape the future of your organization.

  • Todd Donohue, VP, Digital Experience, Traction on Demand

11:25AM - 11:35AM PSTBREAK

11:35AM - 12:10PM PSTClosing Session

Forecasting When the Future is Really Different

Forecasting practices largely presume a future that acts like the past — adding growth targets, and including error bars, but based on familiar causes and effects. As we enter a post-pandemic world, backward-looking forecasts display their weakness every time they use a verb like "return" or an adjective like "normal." Peter Coffee brings the global perspective of Salesforce Strategic Research to questions of what people will henceforth want, and how they'll expect to get it, in every domain from leisure and retail to healthcare and heavy industry — so we can forecast for a "Roaring Twenties" that's only like the last one in its opportunities for success.

  • Peter Coffee, VP Strategic Research, Salesforce

/ About the event

Pushing the boundaries of online engagement, Ready, Set, Grow: Salesforce Revenue Cloud expands beyond a webinar – it’s an online community. With keynote speakers, breakout sessions, interactive panels and more, you’ll not only learn key strategies for leveraging Revenue Cloud in 2021, but engage with industry experts and guest speakers in a unique interactive environment. 

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