Optimizing Your Salesforce to Drive Business Growth

Featuring Salesforce and Intercom

Original broadcast: June 25, 2020

Speed is the new currency of business. The future belongs to the fast. How can you move fast to deliver on higher revenue goals and better service? How can you do more with less? 

The single biggest barrier to growth for tech companies is technical debt. What is tech debt anyway and why is it important for business and IT leaders alike? Let's demystify that word. 

Why you should watch this recording:

  • Learn the three biggest mistakes made by rapidly growing businesses
  • Dive into key strategies that align business and IT to achieve a common goal
  • Walk through an ROI calculator to understand the real cost and benefits of optimizing your Salesforce instance
  • Gain strategies to tackle technical debt and improve your performance, reliability and scalability of your most strategic business platform.

Join Salesforce, Intercom and Traction on Demand for an informative workshop that will show you how to optimize your Salesforce instance, so you can leverage the latest innovations on the platform.


  • Welcome Addresswith Mark Brundage
  • Intercom's Experience Why should business and IT leaders care about org optimization
  • Questions and Answers with Intercom
  • Org Optimization Best Practices Salesforce and Traction on Demand explain the true cost of technical debt and how to improve your organization's performance
  • Questions and Answers with Salesforce and Traction on Demand

Mark Brundage

RVP, Customer Success

Jalal Iftikhar

Global Director, Business Systems

Gavin MacElwee

Customer Success Manager

Dan Carabias

Area Vice-President
Traction on Demand

Grant Adamson

Chief Developer
Traction on Demand