Webinar Recording: Enhancing the Distribution Cycle:

Leverage technology to support your organization

Many distributors are challenged by existing systems and business processes that prevent them from creating a full 360-view of their customers. If your data lives in systems such as email, spreadsheets or is trapped in an enterprise resource planning system (ERP), it can be difficult to create and maintain processes to adequately engage and support your customers.

To overcome these challenges, many distributors are looking toward Salesforce to solve for key solutions across marketing, sales, service, and operations. These projects can be laser-focused, feeding customer data into the hands of your teams, instantly impacting customer engagement.

Through this recording, you’ll learn how technology can support your organization throughout the entire distribution cycle from sales and supplier enablement to account and service management.

Key Takeaways

  • Explore the changing trends and challenges for distributors and manufacturers.
  • Learn why organizations like yours are focusing on digital enablement, technology adoption and centralized data.
  • Explore how getting up and running on the Salesforce platform quickly can increase internal adoption.
  • Engage directly with peer organizations to understand how they are addressing key needs of distributors.

Ajay Kamble

Chief Information Officer
Turtle & Hughes

Don Fleschut

VP - Chief Digital Officer

Anandhi Narayanan

Principal Strategist
Traction on Demand

Michael Janney

Senior Director
Industry Go To Market

Laura Maitz

Solution Engineer