We're putting our money
where your heart is.

'Tis the season to help spread the joy. Or at least, the grant. A $25,000 grant, that is. Traction For Good has partnered with three wonderful organizations, each one using technology to drive their mission forward. Which organization is dearest to you? Have a read below to see which of the three you most resonate with - and which one you'd most like us to support.

(Note: all three organizations will be receiving grants – the amounts will vary based on the input we receive from friends like you.)

ME to WE empowers communities to lift themselves out of poverty. The organization will use a Salesforce service grant to enable WE Charity to improve their donor engagement cycle through Pardot.

With Love supports foster families in Oregon by providing quality clothing and supplies for children under the age of six. The organization will use a Salesforce service grant to build out seamless inventory management, shifting away from pen and paper.

Canadian Mental Health Association promotes positive mental health and supports recovery, while championing to eliminate barriers that can prevent people from thriving. They will use a service grant to migrate onto the Salesforce platform, so they can continue to expand their impact.

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