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Digital playbook

High Tech Playbook: Transformation starts here.

Download Traction on Demand’s High Tech Playbook to optimize your organization’s processes, data and Salesforce investments.

Built on the market trends that are driving you… and us. High tech organizations are faced with fiercely competitive markets, rapidly evolving technologies, and a constant need to optimize systems, teams, and data to scale and succeed.

In this playbook, we’ve paired Traction on Demand’s deep Salesforce strategy, data, and platform management expertise with industry experience to bring high tech companies the ultimate guide to digital transformation success.

We'll outline four key areas of technology investment:

  • IT: Build strong foundations to manage your Salesforce data with governance, optimization, and integrations
  • Marketing: Engage with your customers through personalized, data-driven and results-oriented marketing experiences
  • Sales: Build trust through team effectiveness and lead-to-cash sales
  • Service: Earn customers for life with effortless, connected service experiences

“As organizations look to scale amid rapid change and fierce competition, your processes and systems can either be your greatest asset or greatest obstacle. By building upon a foundation grounded in organizational alignment and robust platforms such as Salesforce, you'll be equipped to reach new levels of maturity and adaptability, gaining that vital competitive edge.”

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Erik Eklund

High Tech Practice Lead,

Traction on Demand

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Traction on Demand is North America's largest dedicated Salesforce consulting firms delivering cross-platform solutions and standalone SaaS products. Our mission is to grow the Salesforce ecosystem by empowering people and enabling organizations.



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