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Attend Digitizing Your Customer Experience on March 18, 2021.

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A free customer service digital event

hosted online

18 Mar


9:00AM - 12:00PM PST

(12:00PM - 3:00PM EST)

(4:00AM - 7:00AM AEDT)

Build lasting brand loyalty and impressions in 2021 with the latest tech solutions on Salesforce Service Cloud.

Today, creating a memorable customer experience is essential. Aligning your services with your customers' ever-evolving needs will not only generate revenue, but build and retain loyal brand ambassadors. Join us to learn how providing a seamless digital experience—from start to finish—will allow you to focus on your future profitability, employee engagement and ultimately, develop trust with your customers.

Join us on March 18 to learn how you can use the latest tech solutions with Salesforce to elevate and improve your customer experience in 2021.

Key takeaways:

  • Learn how chatbot communication has become an integral part of creating lasting digital impressions
  • Enhance your customer experience through integrating Service Cloud Voice to unify voice calls, digital channels and CRM data
  • Understand the importance of measuring the impact of field service implementation
  • Learn the importance of evolving your Field Service business model to better serve your customers
  • Develop strategies for creating websites that engage the customer from their first click
  • Explore ways to improve customer loyalty, profitability and engagement through goal setting


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9:00AM - 12:00PM PST (12:00PM - 3:00PM EST) (4:00AM - 7:00PM AEDT)

09:00AM - 10:00AM PSTOpening Keynote

Effective, Efficient, Experiential: Building Lasting Customer Loyalty

How customer-focused is your service roadmap? With 80% of customers agreeing that experience is as important as product or service, it’s imperative that your digital services take a customer-first approach. Speakers will share their experiences on how to apply chatbots, voice automation and digital self-service products to build a lasting brand loyalty.

  • Brian Solis, Global Innovation Evangelist, Salesforce

10:00AM - 10:30AM PSTBreakout sessions

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Creating Meaningful Conversations Through Chatbots

How do you create an experience with your customers, not just a conversation? Join us to learn the importance of providing a white glove experience that guides customers to relevant content. We’ll look at how to engage in meaningful interactions that leave your customers feeling valued and satisfied, ultimately creating faster-moving and larger deals for you. 

  • Jeff Grosse, Principal Strategist, Traction on Demand
  • David Carrotte, Team Lead, Cloud Technology, Traction on Demand


Leveraging Intelligent Customer Service with Einstein

Is your messaging consistent and aligned with your brand strategies? We’ll explore how to create a better customer (and agent) experience by automating redundant tasks, freeing your agents to focus on the customer's experience. Ramp up your agents faster and empower them to be more self-sufficient by leveraging Einstein’s features.

  • Dave Galloway, Principal Strategist, Traction on Demand
  • Susan Anstead, Lead Strategist - Service Cloud, Traction on Demand


Building Your Business Case with Field Service 

Are you looking to increase customer loyalty as well as your ROI? Our Field Service experts will guide you on how to measure impact of a field service implementation, while focusing on the importance of setting realistic goals in order to improve profitability, customer loyalty and employee engagement.

  • Dane Peterson, Field Service Practice Lead, Traction on Demand
  • Rob Eaves, Business Architect, Traction on Demand

10:30AM - 10:40AM PSTBREAK

10:40AM - 11:10AM PSTBreakout sessions

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Service Voice: Providing A Quality Customer Experience With One Channel

What does your voice say about you? Optimal operational effectiveness requires real-time management and reporting across all channels using one interface. Join us as we explore the integration capabilities of Service Voice with Service Cloud to enable agents and managers to be more efficient and effective in real time, creating a better customer experience. 

  • Dave Galloway, Principal Strategist, Traction on Demand
  • Jeff Grosse, Principal Strategist, Service Cloud, Traction on Demand


Experience Cloud for an Effortless Experience

Does your website clearly define who you are to your customer?  We’ll explore how to make a lasting impact with your customers. Learn the importance of creating an engaging and effective website that allows your customers to easily find the answers they’re looking for. After all, great self service is effortless and builds brand loyalty, which isn’t just important - it’s critical. 

  • Todd Donohue, VP, Digital Experience, Traction on Demand


Field Service Trends & What’s Next For Your Company

Has your company shifted to a digital customer experience? Hear from Field Service industry experts as they explore the importance of evolving your business model and how these changes can best serve your customers. They’ll help you to identify what type of Field Service model is right for your organization and where you should put your focus and investment in 2021. 

  • Brad Gross, Program Architect, Traction on Demand
  • Dane Peterson, Field Service Practice Lead, Traction on Demand

11:10AM - 11:20AM PSTBREAK


Creating Digital Service Success in 2021

Looking to optimize your digital technology to provide a seamless brand experience? Industry experts will discuss the best approach to tackle the ever-changing marketplace as we look ahead in 2021. Learn how to build a competitive edge with your digital service, positioning you to better serve your customers and create a stronger profile for your brand.

  • Zuku Mohammed, Salesforce Product Owner, Cushman & Wakefield

/ About the event

Pushing the boundaries of online engagement, Digitizing Your Customer Experience with Salesforce Service Cloud expands beyond a webinar – it’s an online community. With keynote speakers, breakout sessions, interactive panels and more, you’ll not only learn key strategies and ideas for creating a memorable customer experience in 2021, but engage with industry experts and guest speakers in a unique interactive environment. 

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