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Setting customers up for success post product retirement 

Salesforce is setting the sun on their suite of products. Products including Clean and Prospector can no longer be renewed. Salesforce is urging customers to be aware of how this will impact their Salesforce instances. Certain fields and objects are going to be permanently removed which may result in errors, broken functionality and disruptions to business processes. However, steps can be taken to ensure a smooth transition as this end-date approaches.

Understanding all of the fields, triggers, workflows and APIs that depend on may be difficult. An analysis may involve manually assessing thousands of records and lines of code. Implications of not correctly understanding the dependencies may include:

  • an inability to create new records - accounts or contacts
  • error messages showing
  • reports not running


Traction Complete launched a webinar series to help customers understand what the retirement will mean for their orgs. The series aims to equip customers with the necessary steps they need to take to ensure their Salesforce instance remains fully operational, clean and up-to-date before their license expires.




In the first webinar, Marc Delurgio, Senior Product Management Director at Salesforce joined to discuss:  

  1. What exactly is happening to
  2. The fields and objects that will be affected in your Salesforce instance
  3. What a migration looks like





In the second webinar, Frank Malfi, Product Director at D&B, joined to discuss using D&B Optimizer as an alternative solution to and: 

  • How D&B Optimizer compares to
  • The differences between the two solutions
  • The steps to take to ensure there is no downtime 
  • How to successfully use D&B Optimizer for different use cases and business objectives






Diagnosing what will break in an org when retires is difficult. In conjunction withSalesforceTraction On Demand is building a diagnostic app to diagnose the dependencies on in an org. This app will be available free on the AppExchange and will provide a report that will allow customers decide on the best course of action to ensure no downtime for their business.






DocuSign was one of the first companies to successfully migrate from to D&B Optimizer for Salesforce. In this webinar we were joined by Joe Katich, Data Quality and Governance from DocuSign, who played an integral role in the migration process. We learned:

  • How they chose an alternative solution 
  • The project timeline
  • Advice to other enterprises making this transition