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How to build a connected approach to recruitment and admissions.

Salesforce recently launched Admissions Connect (AC), a forward-thinking addition to Education Cloud that provides enhanced admissions functionality to the platform. If you’re thinking about leveraging CRM for Recruitment and Admissions and are wondering how to best leverage this new technology, join us on October 12 for our upcoming webinar.

During this 45-minute webinar, we’ll explore two ways educational institutions can maximize the value of a CRM for Recruitment and Admissions:

  • Adopting an ecosystem mentality that engages the right systems and the right people at the right time will guide your constituents from awareness to alumni and on to a lifelong learning journey with your school.
  • Connect Recruitment and Admissions to the student lifecycle to enhance the recruitment process.

Learn from Jeff Dixon, VP of Education Services at Traction on Demand, as he explains how your organization can leverage CRM to create a connective thread to tie together the prospect, student, and alumni experience throughout the student lifecycle. Schools that successfully integrate these stages will be on the best path to creating lifelong learners who remain engaged with their alma mater.

jeff dixon

Jeff Dixon

VP - Higher Education,

Traction on Demand

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