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A six-part free webinar series focused on nonprofit digital transformation

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Now, more than ever, we are understanding the importance of a digital-first, constituent-centric approach. Fundraising events have been canceled, employees are working remotely and our inboxes are growing noisier by the minute. How well has your organization adapted during this time?

To help your organization make the shift to a digital-first approach, and Traction on Demand are joining forces for a six-part webinar series. We’ve convened the brightest minds and leaders from our organizations, as well as your peers, to share industry-leading insights in interactive sessions that will cover all aspects of a digital transformation for nonprofits, including (but not limited to): user adoption, business alignment, technology implementations, and change management.

Don’t want to commit to all six? That’s okay with us! Check out the topics below and register for the ones that make the most sense for your role, and pass the invite on to others in the organization that may be interested in a different topic. Recordings from previous sessions are also available by filling out the form.

Session One:
Nonprofit Industry Trends: Before and During a Global Health Crisis

Original Broadcast Date: April 21, 2020

The world’s changed a lot recently and we understand that it’s a crazy and uncertain time for all of us. Please know that we at Salesforce and Traction on Demand are here for you. With so many changes, we wanted to share our latest insight on the impact of COVID-19 on the nonprofit community and how the trends in our industry are more important than ever.

During this session for nonprofit executives, we’ll cover the trends we’re seeing in the industry and how embracing a digital-first, constituent-centric approach will be essential moving forward.


Recording available by filling out the form.


Session Two:
Considering People and Process Alongside Technology

Original Broadcast: April 28, 2020

Is your organization ready for a digital transformation? If so, we want to help you ignite your mission attainment and overcome common challenges. Join this session to learn how the transformation is more about your people, than the actual technology. Over lunch, you’ll learn how your approach to people, process and technology can make or break your transformation project, and the practical steps you can take to achieve organizational alignment that will guarantee success.

Following the session, you’ll walk away with a survey that will help your organization assess it’s readiness for a digital transformation and may surface a few things you hadn’t considered before.


Recording available by filling out the form.


Session Three:
Our New Virtual World: Digital-first Constituent Engagement

Original Broadcast: May 12, 2020

If you think about your inbox over the past few weeks, how many of those emails grabbed your attention among the noise? With a thoughtful, constituent-centric digital strategy, marketers can better engage and build deeper relationships with their community.

In this session, marketers will learn how other nonprofit organizations have successfully implemented and adopted a digital-first model. Together, we’ll learn from the challenges they faced and the successes they experienced along the way to building an engagement strategy that fosters brand development and constituent stewardship.


  • Justin Raisor, Field Account Executive, Marketing Cloud at
  • Jane Gibson, Senior Director, Marketing Automation at Traction on Demand

Recording available by filling out the form.


Session Four:
Fundraising Transformation Through Aligned Strategies and Systems

Original Broadcast: May 19, 2020

In 2020, nonprofit fundraisers have access to more sophisticated technology than ever before. While this can be beneficial for your fundraising efforts, it requires an ongoing evolution in your strategies and processes to ensure that you are making the best use of tools available to you and maximizing your return on your investment.

In this session, we will examine the donor relationship cycle — Identification, Cultivation, Solicitation and Stewardship — and explore the ways that modern technology can best inform and support strategies and processes at each phase. What does it look like to operationalize fundraising transformation using technology? We’ll provide practical suggestions for how you can take a walk-jog-run approach within your organization to leverage technology in support of your digital transformation across the donor lifecycle.


  • Dustin Pitts, Manager, Solution Engineering at
  • Watt Hamlett, Principal and Founder of Watt Hamlett Consulting

Recording available by filling out the form.


Session Five:
Constituent-centricity: No More Buzz, Let’s Get Real

Original Broadcast: May 26, 2020

Constituent-centricity has been a buzzword in the nonprofit industry lately. Giving people what they want, when they want it makes sense in theory. However, in reality, it is a lot easier said than done.

This session will help nonprofit leadership realign their operations with the wants and needs of their constituents. Keeping the individual at the center of everything you do is a mindset that should drive decisions, behavior and practice in your nonprofit. We will also answer the three big questions about how to become constituent-centric (for real), identify the three main hurdles you will encounter and give you practical advice on how you can survive, if not thrive, as a champion of your constituent.


Recording available by filling out the form.


Session Six:
Journey Towards Digital Transformation

Original Broadcast: June 2, 2020

In the final session of our digital transformation series, we’ll tie all of the concepts we’ve learned together to make lasting organizational changes.

We’ll cover how to handle common opportunities, pitfalls and barriers to change; how organizational leaders can (and should) continue pursuing digital maturity amidst the new world of COVID-19 and a precarious economy; and introduce you to tools to create your digital transformation roadmap.


  • Jessica Hood, VP Global Innovation and Digital Transformation at
  • Misty McLaughlin, Principal & Founder of Cause Craft Consulting

Recording available by filling out the form.

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