Join us at Western Canada's Largest Cloud Technology Event

June 21 | Rogers Arena | Vancouver, BC

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Make your way through Gate 10 at Rogers Arena, grab a bite and a coffee before heading to the TractionForce Campground to explore before breakout sessions begin at 10:00 am.

Our breakout sessions look to tackle the business challenges we hear most from our clients and guide attendees to understand how Salesforce can help empower people to make more informed decisions. You'll find information on each session below.

Each attendee will have the chance to attend two sessions, one at 10:00 and one at 11:00 am.

You've just digested a ton of great content, now digest some food from the best arena vendors while exploring the TractionForce Campground. You'll have an opportunity to ask questions of platform consultants and experts and discover new applications and offerings.

Conversation not a Conference. It seems like every business event is the same. Keynote+Keynote+Panel+Panel. What are the three points I need to make and how can I make them in the time allotted? In an effort to do things differently, Traction is doing away with the Madonna mic and the Ted Talk redo. We are heading into the recording studio and bringing the entire audience with us.

Take a few minutes to get caught up on your day, read a few emails, send a few tweets and get ready for the next round of conversations.

We are saying goodbye to the awkward stage stool and hello to the bar stool. After all, some of the most authentic conversations happen over drinks in the pub. Pull personal insights from both industry experts and business leaders who have undergone technology transformation. How do they interact with technology? How do we marry the future of AI with the needs of individuals and, most importantly, how has technology impacted them and their most important asset, people? Topics include:

  • Traction For Good and driving your mission with technology.
  • AI from A to... I. A discussion on the pros, cons and unknowns of AI.

Meet. Eat. Drink. Repeat. If you know Traction, you know we like to do happy hour. Join us for a drink and a chance to relax, network and explore the TractionForce Campground one last time.


Our breakout sessions look to tackle the business challenges we hear most from our clients and guide attendees to understand how Salesforce can help empower people to make more informed decisions.

Each attendee will have the chance to attend two sessions, one each at 10:00 and 11:00 am.

Executing on an effortless customer experience can only happen by enabling employees to efficiently deliver the work they must do and turning their attention to the customer. Technology isn't meant to replace the employee-customer interaction. It's meant to but support it.

In this session, we'll consider post-sale interactions and focus on customer service. With new service offerings like Field Service Lightning and deeper integrations between clouds, including Communities, understanding what's out there and how to leverage it has become integral to success on the platform.

As the Salesforce platform expands, so do the opportunities to connect with your prospects in more personalized ways. Layering on Einstein Analytics, predictive intelligence, ABM tools and more means marketing and sales can leverage data like never before.

Whether you're B2B, B2C (or both), this session will help you navigate marketing offerings, showcase customers who have invested in them, and ensure you leave with a better understanding of how these tools can drive prospects down the funnel faster.

Data is the lifeblood of any modern organization. But neglecting your data limits the value and insights garnered. Building a data governance, integration and analytics strategy enables your employees to make better decisions, maximizing the value of your data and the Salesforce tools you've invested in.

Listen to industry experts from both Traction and DELL Boomi on how they support organizations, from scaling startups to established enterprises, build better data strategies and ensure platform ROI.

Most often we focus on core Salesforce platform functionality. Sales. Service. Marketing. Analytics. But what about the thousands of applications in the AppExchange that are responsible for supercharging your Salesforce instance? It's in these tools that admins and organizations often find the most value by extending platform capabilities to support different challenges and new use cases.

In this session, our friends from Conga, a leading Salesforce partner, will help you develop an effective AppExchange strategy. We'll also showcase some of the best applications that, with the right internal enablement, can create value across teams, departments and lines of business.

Learn how to manage the growing demand from your institutional and individual donors to illustrate the impact created when resources are given to your organization. Explore how to go beyond fundraising and enable your organization to manage programs and impact of resources.

Build the nirvana of fundraising strategy by leveraging the complete set of tools available on the Salesforce platform. Explore how to incorporate online and offline giving to ensure campaign success.