How Do I Actually Upgrade to Lightning?

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What is Lightning? How do we enable Lightning? How much effort will it take? These are questions we hear from Salesforce customers all the time. With every passing Salesforce release, more new features are supported only in Lightning, making the transition increasingly critical for maximizing your platform ROI. So, how do you actually do it?

Traction can help you answer the questions above while providing your organization with guidance throughout the transition process. To start, here are three key questions you should be asking of your business:

  • What currently exists within our Salesforce instance, who is using it and what needs to be migrated over to the Lightning Experience?

  • Do we have a logical plan for the migration that prioritizes requirements and functionality to transition?

  • Do we have the right training and resources available for all users to adopt the new interface and functionality?

Traction is offering existing customers and prospects a free consultation with a Lightning enablement expert. They’ll answer your Lightning-related questions, identify adoption complexity factors, walk you through our best practice enablement process and address any of your concerns.

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Don't wait to be struck by Lightning; get ahead of it.

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